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Glenn Wilson attends Annual Wild Game Dinner in Clinton Township.

Hosted by the Con D'Oro Foundation, a domestic nonprofit foundation headquarters in Shelby Township, MI. The evening festivities were held at the Fern Hill Golf Club in Clinton Township.

Glenn will be sharing the evening with a group of influential Michiganders, as he discusses his life long journey that has led him to a run for the US senate. As a modern day pioneer, Glenn embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that defines American greatness. During his latter years, he has battled bureaucracies and special interests on behalf of the little guy – and won. His tenacity and innovation is exactly what is necessary for Michigan's future success.

Glenn will also spend time discussing top issues such as: "Putting a Stop to Deficit Spending", "Energy Independence", "Controlled Borders & Illegal Immigration", and most importantly his support of every Michiganders right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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