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Entrepreneur and Veteran Glenn Wilson Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate in Michigan

Wilson, a lifelong conservative, is running to replace Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)


(IONIA, MI) – Today, successful businessman, tech entrepreneur, Army veteran, and lifelong conservative Glenn Wilson (R-MI) officially announced his campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat in Michigan.  A software developer by trade and the son of a Michigan farmer and disabled Vietnam War veteran, Wilson is running to rescue the American Dream.  His priorities include:

  • Building an economy that works for everyone, not just the rich and well-connected.

  • Controlling the border and stopping illegal immigration.

  • Achieving energy independence to lower utility costs and strengthen national security.

  • Ending corporate welfare for Chinese companies.

  • Stopping deficit spending so we do not mortgage our children’s future.

A Michigan native, Wilson spent his childhood in Detroit and Morley. He planned on a lifelong military career, but that all changed after a horrific accident when he was hit by an armored personnel carrier.  Never one to see himself as a victim, Wilson enrolled in an engineering program at Ferris State, and found his passion and talent for computer programing.


Wilson would go on to found multiple successful internet companies that delivered services to communities where there were none, including Pagosa Worldwide, Durango Worldwide, and M-33 Access, named after the access road near his farm in Rose City.  His business model was simple – identify rural communities that were being gouged by telephone or cable companies and receiving poor internet service (or had no service at all), and build his own networks that were cheaper and faster.


As a result of Wilson’s work, tens of thousands of residents, businesses, and students in Northeast Michigan and other small towns gained access to affordable high-speed internet services, creating economic opportunity and improving quality of life.  At one point, Wilson operated the largest contiguous wireless internet grid in the world.  That type of ambition and business acumen are exactly what he plans on infusing into the U.S. Senate.


“Whether you are talking about the price of groceries, the cost of gas, a completely open border, or the outsourcing of middle-class jobs and economic opportunity to places like China, the American people are being crushed by failed policies and failed politicians who cater to the select few,” said Wilson. “The people who broke our country cannot be the ones to fix it – it’s time for ‘We the People’ to take our power back.”

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Let’s go Glenn Wilson, you have my vote. I want to see you make the world a better place 💪🏽

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